The Art of Letting Go

Letting go is something that many of us struggle with, letting go of memories, things we believe in. Letting go is a part of faith. It’s about having enough faith to let go of those things that we cannot control and allowing God to handle them. Trusting that, as the author and finisher of our faith, He knows what's best for us. Why do we always believe we know what's best for our lives? He knows from the beginning to the end, so, why do we insist on competing? We loose miserably every time. He knows every season, every pitfall, every obstacle, and every comeback we will one-day face.

Letting go is not a science, it’s more like art. Letting go involves allowing God to paint a masterpiece (our lives) without us trying to control every brush stroke. It is trusting in His ability and His promise.

We must allow God to do His job. We must Let Go and allow Him to reign in all areas of our lives. In our jobs, our homes, our relationships, and our future plans. After all, He sees all and hears all. He is the great "I am."

Let Go and Let God. Let Him have His way.

Lauren Alyssa

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