Cat Lantigua: The Gem Within

In June of 2017 I was interviewed by Cat of CatLantigua.com. In our interview, we spoke about what it means to be a creative entrepreneur, mental health as means of empowering others, and the projects I have in the works!

"Iā€™m so proud to know Lauren as an advocate for my own personal growth and feel blessed that I can show you all how much she intends to change the world." 

-Cat Lantigua 



I spent the afternoon with Photographer, Yogi of Soul Dreamin, creating visual magic and exploring my journey of finding The Gem Within. 

Lauren Black + White.jpg

the plannter: Discovering your purpose to become a world Changer 

This podcast will make you dig deep, check your motivations as to why you do what you do and propel you forward to walk out your purpose. Share with your friend who is struggling to start what they have been stating they will start forevaa and someone who needs the motivation to keep walking in their purpose.

"Lauren is a gem. No pun intended. She has used her past to truly fuel her future and creates spaces for others to grow through the love of Christ" -Dammy of Theplannter.com