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A platform rooted in faith and community - focused on connecting, curating and highlighting “Gems” within, around, and abroad.



Weekly Gems is a guide that consists of handpicked gems (events) happening in South Florida each week. The guide aims to promote the collaboration of entrepreneurs and the identification of platforms shaping culture and community in an innovative and creative way. 

From July 2016 to July 2017 I served as the Miami Influencer for I Don’t Do Clubs, that focused on curating a weekly list of events targeting black professionals in Miami. I decided to expand on that and use my gift of inclusion to feature a weekly guide on my blog, for the curious millennial explorer, called “Weekly Gems”.

The guide is published on and sent to Subscribers every Monday starting 10/23/2017.  This weekly guide features—Gems for Gems—people who love to expose themselves to new experiences.

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The Gem Collective

A community of Gems; World-changers, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives of all backgrounds, coming together to empower one another.