Nari Ward’s: Sun Splashed


This past MLK Day, my parents and I decided to kickoff Black History Month with a visit to Nari Ward’s exhibit, at the Perez Art Museum, in Downtown Miami. The day was anything but warm; however, Nari Ward’s "Sun Splashed," a colorful exhibit of cross cultural mechanisms, brought plenty of sunshine. The exhibit was truly, one of kind, a gem unlike any that I’d ever seen.        

Ward's exhibit fused together a variety of topics dealing with art, identity formation, and political reform. It successfully tied together his love and fascination with the Jamaican and Caribbean diaspora and influences of his home of Saint Andrew, Jamaica and the uptown streets of Harlem, where he was raised. The collection of his works really brings a new, fresh perceptive of the art world, challenging visitors to connect social reform and ideals with artistic aesthetics.

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit and loved how Ward featured a wide variety of art forms, such as: Photography and sculpting and his inclusion of interactive works.

If Looking for something to do this Black History Month, visit Nari Ward’s exhibit! It will be showing at the Perez Museum until February 21st.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Below are some images captured during my experience at the museum.

Lauren Alyssa