Motivation Mondays: Reflections, Resolutions and Purpose on Cyber Monday

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”. December is a month with so much going on. We are bombarded with sales and advertisements persuading us to buy the latest gadgets and fashions. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and lose sight of who we are and the purpose of this season. With every new season comes a new purpose for us to fulfill.

December 1st, Cyber Monday signifies more than a shopping holiday or the mark of The Christmas Season. It is the “first day” of the last month. I believe It's a time when we can reflect on our lives, our purpose, and the experiences within the last 11 months of the year. It’s the perfect time to evaluate what worked and what needs working on. It symbolizes a time to grow in our purpose and plan on building a better us before the start of the New Year.

It’s customary in our society to wait for the start of the New Year to seek our purpose and make new plans for our lives. We wait till the New Year begins to fix broken relationships, or to change our attitude, or to develop a better relationship with God. Why wait till January 1st to do this when we can do it now. This year may have been a very difficult one for you; maybe you lost someone very special to you, or you had a bad breakup, or maybe its just seems like your life has been full of more downs than ups.

 Today is the day to Believe and say to yourself “I have a purpose and although I’ve experienced trials—my trial are there to make me stronger—I will not give in”.

Even if you haven’t started or completed all of your New Years Resolution’s, you still have time. Use this last month to visualize the person you want to be, and begin fervently to pursue that person.  Pray and ask God for wisdom and strength to live in His freedom. Trust in His promise and purpose for your life. Most importantly, know that one-day at a time, you and God can accomplish anything. If God created the world in 6 days then He has the power to change your life, but you must seek His assistance.

No need to wait until December 31st or January 1st to reflect on what you did and did not complete on your goal list. Remember, you can use this last month to reflect—what worked and what needs working onand to cultivate your dreams and passions for the year ahead. A lot of times we’re unsuccessful with our resolutions lists because that’s really all it is, a list. We take one day to jot down our goals but have no action plan on how to achieve those goals. We need more than a list or a goal to make a change we need to have a plan of action. Use the remainder of the holiday season to reflect on how you make your dreams and goals a reality.

Release those dead weights and focus on how to make those New Year’s resolutions come Alive. Allow the Thanksgiving sentiments to spread throughout the rest of the year, and remain grateful for all that you have. Mark December 1st as the day you decide to be who God called you to be, and plan for the purpose He has given you. Plan for the life you want, seek and embrace God’s love, and enjoy the season. On this beautiful Monday Morning, Celebrate the purpose God has given you, thank Him, then: Reflect & Plan!

Happy December!

Lauren Alyssa