Letter to My DJ

So much has happened in the last five years, but, one thing that has remained is the Legacy of DJ Smiley. This day marks five years since your untimely death. I can still remember that rainy, November night when, what seemed like, hundreds of people gathered in the hospital waiting room awaiting your awakening.

I had just seen you two weeks before at my uncles 50th birthday party on South Beach. All decked out in white, you saw me and gave me the biggest hug. You complimented my dress and shared how proud you were of me, that I was graduating from high school and going to college. That night, the last night we spoke, was one of the happiest I’d ever seen you. You were surrounded by people who loved you and also dozens of young, beautiful women, whom you weren’t afraid to ask if they were single. We danced and created memories that we will all cherish, memories, you helped to create.

When I think about your life, the first thing that comes to mind is that big smile and how you touched so many lives. Even if people didn’t know you personally, they could feel the warmth of your soul. Amidst the darkness, you brought so much light to our lives. Your smile was infectious and your heart so big and full of warmth. You embraced those around you and never hardened your heart towards anyone. You were truly a lover; you had not time to hate. That’s what made you so special, and rare, especially in a field that could be so dark. You managed to do more than just play the latest tune from the radio; you helped to create memories that would last a lifetime; you helped to create an atmosphere full of laughter, joy, and happiness.

You were more than my DJ; you were my motivator, confidence booster, my friend, and another brother to me. I know that there are countless other young people that could attest to this. The days when I was at my lowest, all it took to have me smiling again was for you to say “Yo Lauren, you looking good," but, that was your gift; you sure knew how to make a woman feel good. I know that you would be so proud of me and I know that I have someone looking over and protecting me daily.

Though your life was cut short at 29 years of age, you still managed to have had such a great impact on the community and the world. You laughed, you lived, and you loved; those three things are the greatest gifts you gave to all of us, gifts we could never repay you for.

Today, instead of mourning the loss of an incredible human being, gone five years ago, I choose to celebrate your impact on this world; I choose to celebrate those 29 years you showered us with love.

Today I celebrate the Life of my DJ. I used to be angry with God as to why he would end a life so soon. While I will never truly understand fully I know that he called you home because you fulfilled his duties. You did in 29 years what most people fail to do in a 100. You made every person you encountered feel good. Whether through the music you played, the compliment you gave, or the hugs and kiss you showered them with; you made each person feel special. You gave your love unselfishly, and for that, I want to thank you.

I wish that you were here to see how much we’ve all grown and accomplished since we last saw you. But then I laugh and say to myself, you are here, in fact, you’ve never left. You never left our sides; a part of you remains with each of us.

As I get ready to attend the event tonight, I cannot help reflecting on your life. Even as I get dressed I could almost hear you telling me how proud you are of me and that truly warms my heart. Though you won’t be on the turntables tonight I know that your spirit will be with us all as we continue to share your legacy with the world. Your life continues to bring us all together to share your light and to spread awareness to the community.

Though the pain still pangs our hearts, we are comforted by the word of the Lord that says there is a time and a season for everything. Though your time on earth is over you still remain in our hearts. We continue to thank God for your wonderful life, which He blessed us with.

So cheers my DJ!  Continue to visit us in our dreams, until we meet again.

You are forever and always in my heart, and Forever my DJ Smiley!

Lauren Alyssa