Curvy, Curly, Conscious Miami

Event Day, "Miami," led by inspirational entrepreneurs, Shelah, Racheal, and Aisha: The Curvy, Curly, Conscious (CCC) mission came to life.

On May 1st, the CCC movement took over the Epicenter for Personal Growth and Transformation: The Sacred Space of Miami, in the city's renowned Wynwood district, for an afternoon of women's empowerment. CCC's much anticipated "Holistic Afternoon of Reigniting Self-love" arrived and so did a stream of enthusiastic women of all ages. Eager for a creative, safe, and fun environment to come together, learn, share, and actively participate in a journey of self-discovery, the women were ignited and ready.

The CCC event was not your average convention nor your average women’s empowerment affair, it was an opportunity for women to experience life-changing moments that aimed to shift their outlook on the inner-self and, ultimately, life. May 1st, 2016 was just a day of that: Women filling themselves with knowledge, friendship, confidence and taking the time to practice self-love, self discovery, self-investment, and meditation, awesome!

The Goal:  For everyone to leave feeling empowered, uplifted, and ready to channel their inner dopeness.

To start, Shelah Marie created a relaxing atmosphere an opportunity for guests to set their intention for the day. This portion of the day was a time for the women to dig within, reflect, and gain a deeper understanding of their hopes and fears and ignite or refuel their inner flame. Ready now, to begin the full day of programing, Shelah guided the women to set a goal and purpose for themselves.

"I intend to listen to understand"

With the afternoon well underway, the CCC ladies lead an open interactive discussion, with 6 influential and powerful women, addressing topics of love, relationships, mental health, skincare, and natural hair tips. The panel featured: Nikia Phoenix, a Model, writer, and visionary; Coach Danie Spikes, a University of Miami trained life coach with a passion for revolutionizing relationships; Barbara, the creator of Jacq’s Organics, an organic skin care line; Yoga Racheal, an Urban Yogi with a passion to serve and inspire others; Aisha Thalia, a vegan advocate and bikini guru with a passion for educating society about community issues, and the Curvy Curly Conscious Goddess, Meditation Enthusiast, and Actress, Shelah Marie.

The Hope: That each woman walked away with something powerful from every panelists as they freely opened up about their life experiences, fears, and flaws and the formation of a true sisterhood. And moving forward, acquire the motivation to continue the self-discovery, self-love, and self-identity gained today.

The panelists, throughout the segment, dropped some gems, some take aways.

8 take aways from CCC:
-Selfish is not a bad word.
-Your concern about what's real and what's fake says more about you.
-Try to find beauty in things that you don't understand or things that are different. By doing this, you are so much more likely to find beauty in yourself.
-Appreciate my gift and your gift.
-Don't accept the critique as your own-Ask yourself if this critique is me or them? If it's you, use it as a way to grow!
-Use discernment for what's sacred to you-Be true and know your limits.
-Find a Love Tribe.
-Feel it, Recognize it, Embrace it.

After immersing in rich conversation, it was time to indulge in some of Miami’s finest, plant-based, cuisine curated by Spiced Catering. The plant-based menu had a strong emphasis on “living” foods, featuring: Clean, tropical, organic palates reflective of the vibrant Miami culture.

Lunch was followed by Barbara's skincare workshop, Owner of Jacq’s Organics. Barbara shared the breakdown of acne through an exercise called face mapping. Women could map out the causes of their acne as she shared inside tips on how to control hormonal imbalances that impact so many women.

Skincare was followed by a Goddess Yoga session led by Certified Yoga Instructor and CCC founder: Master Yogi, Rachel Weathers. The 25-year old Master Yogi made the hour of Vinyasa Flow Yoga challenging, yet fun, in spite of yoga being new to many. Women stretched and pushed their bodies in ways they couldn’t imagine while grooving to contemporary neo-soul tunes.

A final wrap up group meditation led by Soul Study guru, Shelah Marie, brought the event to a meaningful close with each attendee making positive affirmations. Then, finally, indulging in the delicious signature CCC Cupcakes (vegan and non-vegan) provided by The Cupcake Galleria

The CCC celebration didn’t end there: All attendees were invited to an after-party/cocktail hour at The Café at Books & Books. Befitting, as books, much like people, are not defined by their covers!

I was honored and humbled to embark on this journey of self-discovery with the ladies of Curvy, Curly, Conscious and an exceptional community of women all striving to embody self-love. The CCC ladies truly created an empowering and impactful environment of uplifting messages, laughter, and beautiful energy.

Like the CCC inspirators, the space was truly sacred, and wonderful and proved to be a positive and meaningful setting.

Special thanks the Curvy, Curly, Conscious crew for an uplifting and empowering event, and also to the talented Alexis Knight of Aquas Images for capturing such perfect moments

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