Bossi Brunch: An Intimate Gathering of Gems

On July 24th, The Gem Collective kicked off its inaugural festivities with some of South Florida's brightest and most talented women who accepted the invitation to be a part of this life changing movement! “Bossi Brunch” was an exclusive networking soirée where ladies could unwind, network, and get to know one another in an intimate setting. Louie Bossi's Ristorante Bar Pizzeria was our meeting spot for an afternoon of conversation, networking, amazing food, and bottomless mimosas.

Who attended? World-changers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creatives. Whether active or aspiring: Each woman was a gem in their own right.

Bossi Brunch was not your average networking brunch nor your average women’s empowerment affair; it was an opportunity for young, like-minded women to openly share their knowledge and build friendships. It was the first of many events for young entrepreneurial, like-minded individuals to socialize and network, while getting to know one another, in an intimate way!

Though each from different backgrounds, we shared a common goal: To pursue our passion and use our talents to create opportunities for ourselves and those around us. We talked, laughed, and each opened up to self, and to one another, in a special way. The bottomless mimosas certainly helped to get the afternoon underway.

After great conversations, lots of laughter, and some fun games, the afternoon ended with two questions: What is your dream? And, what is keeping you from that dream? As we went around the table each shared, with the group, their biggest dream but, more importantly, the fears, the doubts and the discouragement that prevail also surfaced. This moment revealed vulnerabilities that allowed connection in ways that were so meaningful and special.

My dream, came true on July 24th, 2016. Fifteen women, from different walks of life, entered as strangers and left as sisters. After a meaningful three hours, a strong support network was formed. Based on overwhelming positive feedback, which included the reality that there is a significant lack of ways for entrepreneurial young adults, both men and women, to connect, network, and support one another, my goal: to initiate and spread this movement all over the world was realized. Wow! Thank you to all those who assisted in making this a reality!

It is my hope, that this movement will evolve and grow as we continue to gather and empower each other, to further foster the resulting relationships, and to build on the emerging themes of faith, fraternity, and festivity, that can continue throughout life.

“A couple of days ago, I was fortunate to attend an event for like minded women hosted by the wonderful brain and beauty behind The Gem Within and I have never been more grateful for such an opportunity to be surrounded by women my age who look and feel like me. Women who not only want a future filled with freedom and abundant opportunity but women who also want it for others around them. Women who want to lift each other up and embrace each other in respect, love, vulnerability, strength and inner beauty. Attending this brunch was not only fun on the surface with our laughter and unlimited Bellini’s but it was soul searching and exactly what I needed in order to day to myself “Make Your Dream A Reality, and Do It No.” So often, I get lost in trying to figure out to pursue my dreams in a way that is meant for me that I get discouraged and feel defeated with myself, but no longer. Through this, I understand now, that your dreams are suppose to be scary, and its okay if you don’t have it figured out right now, you just have to do it! 
On Sunday, I made lasting connections with a group of women I hope to carry with me in love and respect for the rest of my life.”

Once again, I want to thank all the women for being apart of The Gem Collective's inaugural brunch. I'm so excited to share future experiences with all of you, as well as with many others.

A special thanks to our sponsors: Louie Bossi’s, management and staff (especially Special Events Manager, Elaina Moran), Personal Florist and Creative Sukii of SaySukii for the amazing floral arrangements, Polyana Honorato, photographer, for capturing perfect moments, my parents, whose support of my dreams is unconditional, and, lastly, to the Almighty for the grace, the wisdom, and the peace to pursue my passion.

As a result of overwhelming feedback, the next gathering is on the way. 

Save the date: Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Who should come: Both active and aspiring world-changers, entrepreneurs, and creatives, men and women, are welcome to join us and take part in the fun! Details for our next gathering will be sent out soon! If you are a millennial, eager for a creative, safe, and fun environment to come together, learn, share, and actively participate then The Gem Collective is for you!